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Message of the Chairman

As a strong tree with deep roots, Daax Corporation continues its strategies with inspiration from its strong past. In this journey, we look to the future with faith and are aware of our responsibilities towards our stakeholders, who are always in our focus.

The importance of the global trade of the geographical region where our commercial activities are located in, does not come only from its geopolitical position or underground wealth. It has also a giant legacy coming from its ancient trade understanding and networks.

In this sense, Daax Corporation will continue to contribute to the needs and development of Eurasia, the Caucasus and the Near East with our motto

“ Provide the best service!”

As Daax Corporation, we are aware of our social responsibilities in line with our company’s values. For this reason, we will continue by increasing our activities in the fields of education, art and sports and cultural activities.

We set our main goal as, to be a flexible solution partner with distinctive business models and innovative approaches, and to get always the best and the most useful results through sustainable growth.

In this journey, the contribution and teamwork of each of my teammates is invaluable.

We owe a debt of gratitude to all our stakeholders who trust us in this journey.

Yours truly,

Hassan GOZAL